Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest, A Strategy For Scotland

26 Mar 2015

RRG are proud to have collaborated with a wide range of stakeholders including Scottish Government, NHS, Emergency Services and Third Sector organisations to craft a national strategy to tackle the challenge of OHCA in Scotland. This document signals a real, joined up commitment to saving lives!

The Ministerial launch of the strategy will be at the Scottish Cardiac Arrest Symposium 2015 on 27th March.

Copies of the OHCA Strategy for Scotland are downloadable from here: http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2015/03/7484

Filming Gregor and Judy’s Amazing Story

19 Mar 2015

Gregor and Judy have an amazing story to tell – and they want to share it.

The story of how Gregor was resuscitated after a sudden collapse illustrates the successful operation of the chain of survival in a rural area. Early recognition that Gregor’s heart had stopped, a call for help and bystander CPR with coaching from the Ambulance Control Centre (ACC) bought time until further help arrived. This part of rural Scotland can be difficult to reach quickly with an emergency ambulance and ACC were able to summon the help of a  community first responder to deploy a defibrillator while the paramedic crew were on their way.

The Chain of Survival worked perfectly for Gregor – how do we ensure that his experience is the norm?

#SCAS15 – How do we build a system to save lives?

Training paramedics in focussed echo in life support – paramedics can learn some new tricks

13 Feb 2015

The PUCA team have published the first results of our study looking at the feasibility and utility of paramedic ultrasound scanning during OHCA. An article in this edition of the European Journal of Emergency Medicine shows our finding that paramedic can be successfully taught to obtain good views using a focussed ultrasound technique, and that these skills and associated technical knowledge are retained over time.

Booth KL, Reed MJ, Brady S, Cranfield KR, Kishen R, Letham K, et al. Training paramedics in focussed echo in life support. European Journal of Emergency Medicine 2015.

Scottish Cardiac Arrest Symposium March 27th, 2015

19 Jan 2015

How do we build a system that saves lives? This is the theme for the Scottish Cardiac Arrest Symposium 2015 at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh on March 27th.

To examine this theme we have invited speakers from around the globe who have demonstrated excellence in optimising the Chain of Survival, responding to the challenges of resuscitating OHCA and changing the systems that get in the way. (more…)

Sandpiper WILDCAT – it’s coming…

24 Nov 2014

The Sandpiper Trust funded project to implement a regional strategy for improving outcomes after OHCA is on it’s way.