OHCA Strategy Award Winning!

14 Dec 2015

WINNER  – The Policy Development Award.

Paul Gowens, Karen MacNee and David Cline collected the Scottish Government’s Policy Development Award on 7th December for Scotland’s Strategy for OHCA.

The award that “recognises a project or approach that has brought different strands of successful policy making together and made a real difference in terms of practical delivery, user experience or cost effectiveness:

  • Developing sound evidence base and managing diverse range of input.
  • Managing the political context in a robust and dynamic manner.
  • Developing and designing with implementation in mind, for example through interaction and engagement with users.
  • Utilising new and innovative platforms and tools to progress work at pace”


OHCA strategy tops the NHS Scotland’s Annual Report

04 Dec 2015

Scotland’s OHCA strategy is featured up front and centre in the NHS Scotland CEO’s 2014/15 annual report. Gregor Newton tells his story, followed by Paul Gowens and Gareth Clegg outlining Scotland’s ambition to be in the ‘premier league’ when it comes to OHCA survival.

read the report here: http://www.nhsscotannualreport.scot/

RRG Coordinates Save a Life For Scotland

17 Oct 2015

Save a Life for Scotland

The start of a movement to save 1000 lives by 2020 by training 500,000 Scots in CPR.

Save a Life For Scotland a national campaign which aims to train half a million people to carry out life-saving CPR was launched on October 16th 2015 – European Restart a Heart Day.

Save a Life for Scotland is the public-facing campaign behind Scotland’s new strategy to improve survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The aim is to train a further 500,000 people in CPR and save an additional 1,000 lives over the next five years.

The campaign was launched at an event in central Edinburgh attended by Maureen Watt, Minister of Public Health, and including representatives of the partners involved in the campaign, the Resuscitation Research Group at Edinburgh University, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Scottish Ambulance Service, the Defence Medical Services, Police Scotland, St Andrew’s First Aid, British Red Cross, British Heart Foundation, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland and the British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS).

About 1200 members of the public were invited to learn the basic skills of CPR, and when to use them.

As part of Save a Life for Scotland there are many more opportunities around the country for people to learn CPR. So get involved –

To find out where you can learn CPR, go to www.Savealife.scot

Follow us on twitter @savelalifescot, #savealifescot

Evening News recognises 3RU team

03 Oct 2015

“EDINBURGH is world-famous for its festivals but there is less recognition for one of its most vital achievements – treating cardiac arrests.”

The Edinburgh Evening News recognised the work of the 3RU team in a two page spread on October 1st.

See the full article here: 3RU Feature EEN 1st October 2015

Well done team.

Scottish Cardiac Arrest Symposium viewable online

21 Apr 2015

A big thank-you to all those who made the Scottish Cardiac Arrest Symposium on 27th March a resounding success. It was a terrific day. There was a great sense of momentum around the launch of the OHCA Strategy for Scotland and a real feeling that we can and will save lives as we change the systems we work in.

If you want to see the video footage from the day it is available here: http://www.video3uk.com/scas2015

There are also photos of the days proceedings here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk9Pf8BU
(Photos taken by Simon Forsythe)

Copies of the OHCA Strategy for Scotland are downloadable from here: http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2015/03/7484

You get a feel for the social media activity on the day here.