3RU – Resuscitation Rapid Response Unit

The Resuscitation Research Group oversees the Resuscitation Rapid Response Unit – 3RU – and is evaluating the impact of having a second-tier, elite response to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. A squad of 12 paramedics from the Scottish Ambulance Service make up the 3RU response team, supported by doctors, nurses, dispatchers, medical students and a resuscitation officer.  3RU paramedics undergo extended training, both for technical and non-technical resuscitation skills. A 3RU paramedic is on-duty in a rapid response car 24-hours a day in Edinburgh to respond to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest calls, together with other emergencies. The 3RU paramedic acts as the prehospital resuscitation team leader, assisting with critical, on-scene decision making.  The 3RU team meet every other week to debrief cases, share experience and undertake simulation training to ensure a high state of readiness at all times.