Gareth Clegg, Principal Investigator

Gareth trained in Emergency Medicine in Edinburgh and leads the Resuscitation Research Group, a collaborative involving Edinburgh University, the Scottish Ambulance Service and a range of other academic and clinical partners. Research interests include optimisation of the Chain of Survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and the psychology of time-critical resuscitation.

Enneagram Type: 7 “The Enthusiast”

Lisa Macinnes, Lead Research Nurse

Lisa graduated from King’s College, London and specialised  in theatre recovery and critical care. During this time she was drawn towards education and training and moved to teach clinical and resuscitation skills to undergraduate medical students in the University of Edinburgh. Lisa expanded her education and training role as a Teaching Fellow involved with the educational development of Consultants and Trainee’s throughout South East Scotland. Following her Masters, she was a lecturer and dissertation supervisor to the MSc Clinical Education programme.

Enneagram Type: 2 “The Helper”

Liz Hasseld, Research Assistant

Liz graduated with her B.A. in International Relations in 2012 before going on to work on political campaigns as a community organiser in North Carolina and Virginia. Liz then moved to New Orleans, to pursue a Masters in Public Health from Tulane University and graduated in 2015. Liz started working for RRG in 2016 as an administrator of the Save a Life for Scotland Campaign and currently focuses on inequalities around CPR

Enneagram Type: 7 “The Enthusiast”

Jean Skelton, Project Coordinator

Jean has been working with the Resuscitation Research Group since December 2018. She completed her masters degree in Human Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Edinburgh in 2018 and her research interests include translational clinical research, developmental neuroscience and health psychology. As a project coordinator with RRG she mainly focuses on the Save a Life for Scotland campaign, addressing gender inequalities in recipients of bystander CPR, and the Language of Resuscitation group.

Enneagram Type: 5 “The Investigator”

Diane Lac, Project Coordinator

Diane completed her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at the University of British Columbia in 2016 and then spent three years working in the charitable health care sector. She worked on multi-million fundraising initiatives that harnessed the power of philanthropy to drive innovation, fund research and significantly improve patient outcomes and health services.

Looking for a change of scene, she chose to pursue her dreams of living abroad and moved across the pond to Edinburgh. As a project coordinator for RRG, Diane manages the day-to-day operations of the Save a Life for Scotland Campaign and is the Project Management lead for RRG’s funding, publications, and grants.

Enneagram Type: 8 “The Challenger”